2024 Extreme Faith Camp

Week 4

July 6th - 12th

FAQ's for Parents

How Do I Send My Camper Mail?
If you’d like to send your child a letter to read while they are at camp, please send it to the following address, and be sure to include “Week 4” on the envelope.


Camper’s Name, Week 4
N10884 Hoinville Road
Trego, WI 54888
Any mail that is received after Week 4 will be returned to sender.
Summer Camp season (June – July) will be our busiest season and we will not likely be able to host other groups. During the school year, it is likely that different groups will be utilizing the facilities. All groups will be properly vetted and must agree to our camp use policies to ensure the safety and security of all who visit Trinity Woods. The camp is very large and accommodates different groups in completely different sections of the retreat center.
  • Questions related to camp programming and the experience should be directed towards the Extreme Faith Group coordinator or parish representative. 
  • Questions regarding the facilities, lost items, or special accommodations can be directed to Trinity Woods.

We Can't Wait to Host You!

We’re so Excited to Host Our Week 4 Campers! If you have any questions, Check out our FAQ’s for parents, or reach out to your parish coordinator.